A quick survey of similar sites

Not comprehensive. We came upon these sites more-or-less at random.

Self Publishing Review [http://www.selfpublishingreview.com/]

Self-Publishing Review is a central site devoted to self-publishing news and reviews. It is also a social network where writers, readers, and everyone can join and connect, so please register. The aim of the site is to improve the attitude toward self-publishing and help authors find readers.

Magazine-style articles but with blog-level writing. SPR reviews book design but not content (yet), and features articles on self-promotion, and various perspectives on the trouble(s) with traditional publishing.

Best part:

WRITING: You're doing it wrong!

I don’t know who owns the copyright to this, but it’s not me, and I doubt its SPR.

Pacific Book Review [http://pacificbookreview.com/]

It is our primary desire to provide unbiased, honest and quality book reviews for the experienced author as well as beginner authors who are just starting in the world of writing.

That said, the book reviews very often read like jacket-flap copy. While a few books reviewed are from mainstream publishers, most are self-published or micro-press products.

They will review your book for free, with no guarantee when (or if)  it will appear. However, for $75 they’ll guarantee a review within two weeks. For $20, you can get a small button for your book on the site. (That is, as far as I can determine, the extent of their “promotion” activities.)

Allbooks Review International [http://allbookreviews.com/]

ALLBOOKS REVIEW is the review source for POD AUTHORS as well as Traditionally published authors.  We do not discriminate between TRADITIONAL AND POD PUBLISHERS.

ALL BOOKS WELCOME.  Great coverage for your book for twelve months +.

Our reviews are honest and forthright.

We wish to make it clear, we do not charge for reviews, only the complete promo package based on the review.

This is supposedly a professional site run by professional people, but the lay-out looks like it was slapped together WordPress after several beers and during commercial breaks.

The review on the cover used the sentence: The story goes pretty much like this: Which would lower your grade automatically in junior college ENG 102. They also have a “promotional package” which consists of a bit of space on their site.

I don’t wish to get snarky.This is a new industry, and just about everyone in it is doing this beside their real job. Yet – if this is to be our most visible competition (witnessed that I found them first), it is hard to be intimidated.


Hello world!

This site is by and for authors trying to publish and/or market their own work – because the days when the big publishing houses take care of that for us are long gone – if they ever existed at all.

We cover the following topics:

  • Writing and the creative process behind the writing
  • The business and business strategy of getting a book published
  • Techniques and strategies (and perhaps gimmicks) for marketing books
  • Trends in both the near and future of publishing
  • Ebooks, podcasts and other new technologies that expand publishing even as the book industry contracts

And anything else we feel might bring traffic to the site.

Check out the works of the members/contributors to this project.

The future of publishing is wide open, but those who keep track of what is really going on need not be afraid.

-Tony Padegimas