A few of the more sane perspectives on e-publishing

Publishing, like most contemporary media, is currently caught in an upheaval of format and business  models. These changes are either revolutionary or apocalyptic, depending on which extreme side of the field you stand on, but for most of us in the middle its just confusing and messy.

We have cruised the internet for some relatively rational perspectives:

“We’re at a happy point, not just with Apple, but with Barnes & Noble and the ‘Nook,’ the 23 devices that have been launched, and Google Books seems to be just around the corner,” a source in the publishing industry said

But as their advances are cut, authors have failed to notice that during the worst recession for 80 years, book sales went down last year by just 1.2% in value and only 0.5% in volume. Non-fiction titles suffered but fiction is booming and all the publishers I spoke to are secretly optimistic.

  • Finally, veteran RPG author, and master of the movie or game novelization Mike Stackpole has posted a must-read series of blogs on the business behind e-books from an author’s perspective. The RPG industry, as Stackpole has noted elsewhere, is the case study disputing that e-books will automatically cut into the profit of hard-cover books. His Authors Can Be Stupid starts here – and goes on for several posts.

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