E-book price wars

A few length articles by a couple of people who have been keeping careful track:

With a Little Help: the Price is Right – by Cory Doctorow for Publisher’s Weekly.

Meanwhile, the mysteries of price and profit are on everyone’s minds these days thanks to the Macmillan-Amazon spat, with commentators on both sides of the debate drawing parallels to the train wreck of a decade the recording industry just went through.  […]   I think they’re both right.

A little more stridently pro author:

E-book Price Fixing: Who gets hurt in the end? – by Angela Hoy in Writer’s Weekly (which she edits and publishes)

The only way to protect authors and the integrity of literature itself is for publishers to continue to control their own list prices, which allows them to continue to control their own production costs and, in the end, the quality of the literature they are current delivering to readers.


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