Just writing a book is sooo last century…

Two big changes in publishing over the first few years of our Glorious Future:

1 – the book is just another format.

2 – we are all marketers now.

Beyond big, vague truths like the pair above, no one really knows what to do next – but there are a lot of opinions, and most of those opinions find their way to the internet.

Here, then, are some relevant links:

Author and futurist Brenda Cooper wonders if e-books are forcing better book design.

Spiegel Online reports about an app to make reading e-books more social. (I thought the point of reading was so I wouldn’t have to talk to you people…)

Writer’s Digest lists 50 Simple Ways to build a Platform in 5 minutes a day. (You can’t do all 50 in five minutes – but they’re all theoretically 5 minute things.)

Mashable presents a big infographic on inbound vs outbound marketing

Finally Breadpig brings us ful circle with 3 Startup Lessons from XKCD and Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

On the subject of webcomics, I’ve started one: sillypenguin.com



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