About This Site

This site is by and for authors trying to publish and/or market their own work – because the days when the big publishing houses take care of that for us are long gone – if they ever existed at all.

We cover the following topics:

  • Writing and the creative process behind the writing
  • The business and business strategy of getting a book published
  • Techniques and strategies (and perhaps gimmicks) for marketing books
  • Trends in both the near and far future of publishing
  • Ebooks, podcasts and other new technologies that expand publishing even as the book industry contracts

Check out the works of the members/contributors to this project.

The future of publishing is wide open, but those who keep track of what is really going on need not be afraid.

Joining us:

This is a proof-of-concept beta test for our virtual bookstore display. Eventually, we will port this site, and perhaps several related sites (depending on how many authors participate) onto a dedicated domain, and run through a Google infrastructure.

Authors could participate by either:

  • Paying a small fee OR
  • Contributing at least one quality blog posting a week.

We offer participating authors the following:

  • Their own page with whatever publicity or biographical material they wish. As Bill Lampere’s example shows, sub-pages are also possible.
  • A “buy button” for their books linking t Amazon and whatever other source the wish to list.
  • We promote this site in addition to whatever promotion the authors do individually, which collectively multiplies the overall exposure.
  • We handle all the domain charges and internet infrastructure. All the authors need to provide us is the copy they want on their page, and the links they want to sell the books.

Because this site is a test, we are not charging anybody for anything right now. We would, however, appreciate any blog entries.

In the future we would like to offer the opportunity to retail our author’s works directly from the site, assuming their current contract permits this. We do not have the means, however, to do that from this test site. Direct links to other vendors must suffice for now.

If you wish to learn more or participate, you can contact us by email: deepend at cox dot net

Or you can leave a comment below.


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