The writer, Lawrence Castle, sat impatiently waiting in his son’s legal office to keep a luncheon appointment. The bored author flipped through a box of depositions earmarked for storage. Always looking for a plot for his next book, Castle was fascinated by the depositions he read: Robert Garrity, a respected citizen and community leader had been recently indicted for tax fraud and killed in a one-car accident just before the trial.

With more than a million dollars of life insurance in question, his son’s law firm was hired to prove the death was a suicide. However, the case was settled out-of-court. What piqued Castle’s detective mind was the fact that Garrity had been wearing a three-piece suit and house slippers at the time of his death. Curious, he thought.

As he read more, Castle discovered parallels between his life and Garrity. Fascinated by the similarities, Castle decides to travel to Garrity’s home town in search of a story for his next novel. His arrival and subsequent investigation opens old scars that residents and family members do not want questioned. Depositions reveals a terrible truth buried eight years earlier and uncovered through the tenacity and persistence of this snoopy author.


The car’s trunk had sprung open, and Officer Toomey began removing the victim’s personal effects from the compartment. Officer Allen joined him and said, “I’m going to make a diagram of the scene.”

Officer Toomey was pale and mumbled, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve investigated more than six single-car crashes in my career, and nothing tops this one. It’s going to be hard to forget it.”

Looking up from his small notebook with trembling hands, Allen said, “Yeah, I know…and there’s something else that’s really bizarre about it.”

“What’s that?”

“The guy is wearing a suit and has house slippers on his feet.”

“House slippers! I don’t get it.”

“Me, neither.”

* * *

Upstairs in the clostrophobic confines of their room-turned-hideout, Castle and Trisha were already locked in a passionate embrace. They tore at clothing, stripping everything in order to feel the heat of each other’s body. There is nothing like the fear of impending death to inspire the feeling of being alive, being in lust. They were living in the moment and couldn’t distinguish between fear and desire. It was the most intense physical moment they had experienced together. Beginning with wild abandon, greedy and selfish, and ending with a joyous, peaceful revelation, they were in love and admitted it. The late afternoon sun gave the room a soft orange glow, and they fell asleep, wrapped and curled about each other.


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