Tony Padegimas

Brief Bio

The author in Wire Pass canyon

I am, among many other things, a free-lance writer living in Phoenix, (with wife/kids/pets/mortage/etc) when not spending the night in a hammock strung in some random portion of the national forest. I have written articles for numerous local magazines and a handful of national ones, covering sports, fitness, outdoor activities, theatrical stagecraft and the inside guts of buildings. My book, Day and Overnight Hikes in the Tonto National Forest comes out from Menasha Ridge Press in November 2008.

My other websites:

Phoenix Camping Examiner – a regular column about camping and campsites in Arizona

Are We Lost Yet? – a blog about hiking and writing hiking guides.

What Have We Learned? – my personal blog covering my many, random interests, and what I learn pursuing them.

Phoenix Suns News – where I am a regular contributor.

Articles on the web:

Watching the Nests (Southwest bald eagles) – Inside/Outside, January 2009

Splash and Crash on the General Crook Trail (backpacking with kids) – Inside/Outside, November 2007

Setting the Stage for Automation (automated scenery) – Drama Biz, March/April 2007.

Education Requirements for a Forest Ranger –


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